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Accepted Students Day - Meeting with HPMB faculty and staff - Shared screen with speaker view
Lisa-Michelle Houck
That's why my camera is off - just got out of class, so I'm scarfing lunch!
Christine Bozlak
Yes - please enjoy lunch! :)
Rebecca Caudill
I'm having internet troubles, so my camera will be off as well! Sorry everyone!
Gabby Mayers
Good afternoon. I hope everyone is doing well.
Christine Bozlak
Good afternoon! Thank you for joining!
Gabby Mayers
I'm Gabby. I'm from Long Island, NY. I graduated from SUNY Stony Brook last year and I intend to start my graduate term at UAlbany's School of Public Health Masters Program this upcoming fall term! Happy to be here today! :)
Lisa-Michelle Houck
Hi, everyone! I'm Lisa-Michelle, and I'm in the dual JD/MPH program. I'm currently finishing my second year of law school. I'm part of the disability community and I'm passionate about disability advocacy and justice!
Christine Bozlak
Welcome, Gabby!!
Christine Bozlak
Welcome, Lisa!!
Rebecca Caudill
I'm Rebecca, I'm graduating this spring from St. Lawrence University with a sociology major and a public health minor. I'm in the Community Health program, and I'm particularly interested in program design!
Lisa-Michelle Houck
I also did start a groupchat for students so that we have a casual way to connect before school starts: https://groupme.com/join_group/85950225/rpkrppOv
Gabby Mayers
Thank you Lisa! That's a good idea.
Ashraf Sameer
Hi everyone! I’m Ashraf Sameer, originally from Iraq, living in NY for 8 years now have medical degree & an MPH, working with the cardiac registry and quality for cardiac services for several years now. Look forward to work with everyone!
Kyle Sasso
Hi my name is Kyle, I am a senior at Keystone College studying microbiology with minors in public health and chemistry. I will be attending UAlbany in the fall for my MPH in social behavior and community health! I am very passionate about health disparities and learning how social behaviors can affect the health of a population. I am from Nassau NY, near Schodack NY!
Faith Angus
Hey y’all, I am Faith from Brooklyn NY. I recently graduated with a B.S. in Biology and I am looking to continue my education here at SUNY ALBANY. I am interested in Health Policy and and Management. I am focused on helping marginalized groups afford healthcare
Samantha Cruz
Hi my name is Samantha and I am a senior at UBuffalo, studying sociology and minor in public health, I will be attending Albany in the fall of 2022. And I will be studying social behavior and community health. I am interested in becoming a women’s provider
Sofia Chaudhry
Hello, I am an upcoming DrPH student, currently traveling in Beirut, Lebanon (have some electricity blackouts at the moment, so may be in/out).
Qi Sun
Hi Sorry that I am having some issues in joining the meeting. My name is Qi Sun. I am from China. I have graduated from SUNY Albany Economics Master Degree. I am currently working as Analyst in State Office of Mental Health.
Wendy Weller
Hi Qi Sun,
Sofia Chaudhry
Kyle Sasso
How can students get involved with faculty research?
Kyle Sasso
Thank you!
Christine Bozlak
If you would like to join the MCH Student and Alumni Interest Group listserv, you can email MCHProgram@albany.edu
Wendy Weller
Here is my email address if you have any questions: wweller@albany.edu
John Justino
If you would like to join the Global Health Interest Group and our seminar listserv, you can email sph07@albany.edu.
Janet Awobode
Thank you